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Masterlist: Shall I list them chronologically, or alphabetically?

Good Heavens!  Where did all these things come from?
I need to create a Sherlock Holmes fiction master list!

Chronologically, by date of posting:

Chapter One   (1120 words)
Chapter Two   (1290 words)
Chapter Three   (1355 words)
Chapter Four   (1360 words)
Chapter Five   (1410 words)
Chapter Six   (1675 words)
Chapter Seven   (1560 words) 



Drabbles Masterlist (Contains a table of drabbles - Mostly July 2011)

A Separate Drabble Meme (Character drabbles by request )

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You win for the title alone.

Squee! More ficcage to read! :-D

I love master fic lists. I look forward to the possibility that I, too, may one day have enough fics to need to create one. In the meanwhile, yay you!!!

Thank you! And you are off to a great start yourself! (My first fic was June 2010)

Do yourself a favour and start your master list now. It will save you a lot of time later. Trust me. I wish I had started one sooner. If you don't want to show it yet, just flag it as private. It is a great tool for organising your works and will save you from scrolling back pages and pages looking for your earlier works!

*sprinkles librarian pixie dust and encourages organisation of information*

You're undoubtedly right. I suppose I'd better get cracking, in the hopes that someday I'll be glad I got started so early... ;-)

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